Working Towards Low Cost Housing in Aotearoa


The story of Low Cost Housing Aotearoa began when Zane Sabour, having come back from volunteering as an architect at the Bahá'í World Centre in Israel, wanted to make a meaningful contribution in his field of expertise. The problem was obvious, with housing in almost all centers and towns of New Zealand being classified as unaffordable or severely unaffordable by international standards.

The imperative was then born of trying to understand why housing was so expensive and how he could create opportunities for more people to obtain cheaper housing.

And so the journey begun…

Readily finding and understanding the much needed information was so frustrating and confusing that it became abundantly clear that a publicly accessible resource that would help build understanding about low cost housing was needed and so the project was born.

Beginning with focusing on practical examples of how others have created low cost architecture this website is dedicated to advancing the discourse about low cost housing both through showcasing built projects to the public and providing information that builds understanding as to why housing is so expensive.

The website is intended to be an evolving resource that grows through the help of volunteers, so if you would be like to help out then please let us know.