Park Homes



Park Homes is a small housing manufacturer based in Christchurch, serving greater New Zealand. They typically design and build tiny houses and small modular homes, then transport to location. Using high-quality materials meant to last, they specialize in trying to create affordable housing for kiwis. 

Park Homes began with a recognition of the developing housing crisis in Aotearoa and the desire to help provide solutions in the way that they knew how - smaller smarter homes. They knew it was a good and viable solution as after all the founders of Park Homes also first lived in a Tiny House and since starting a family have upgraded to one of their small modular houses. 

One of the several low cost houses by Park Homes and featured here is the Liberty Tiny House. To sum up the house, you could say it was designed with long term living in mind. It’s built out of steel framing, earth wool and zinc alum panelling, and can be placed anywhere with ease thanks to the fact that it’s on wheels. Additions can be made for the home to match with what you’ve already purchased, should you later on decide to gain more space. 

Appearance is modern and handsome - even as stock. However, the exterior can be designed differently, to fit in better with surrounding buildings. Interior is also extremely smart, and its owner will have fun with all of the different storage ideas. It features storage cupboards in and behind the stairs, a TV cupboard (or if removed, space for a fire), a hidden fold-down table and chairs, an office desk, a sofa bed, loft storage and wardrobe, a shub (shower tub) and double glazed UPVC windows and doors for added insulation and security. It also features a heat pump, extractor fan and heater in the bathroom, skylight with blackout blind or fly-screen, a shoe rack and space and pipework for a washing machine.

Being a versatile home, you have the choice to purchase it equipped to be connected to utilities, or to be self-sustaining/off grid, using all of the green additions Park Homes provides. 

The paneling on this tiny house is the same that’s used for large commercial air handling units, walk in freezers, and even high-ticket hot tubs and spas which should give you an idea of its ability to stop heat escaping or keep cool air in. This style of paneling is rigid, tough, and dampens unwanted external noise better than traditional walls. Every panel is insulated the same way, side to side - floor to ceiling. 

For a would-be customer, here’s how the process of owning a new Park Homes house works:

  • You can select a pre-designed model such as the ‘Liberty’ Tiny House seen here, or you can work with Park Homes to create a design from scratch.

  • While your home is in production, Park Homes will assist you with any needs concerning permits, or other things of that nature, required to satisfy any town ordinances in place. Note that if you do decide to go with a design like the ‘Liberty’ Tiny House expect it to take about 6-8 weeks to build unless there’s one available on hand.

  • You will have the chance to appear at the building yard to give your new home a look over. The building is not considered complete until you personally give the go-ahead after inspection, making sure it’s how you want it. 

  • The home will be delivered, placed, and connected to utilities (unless off the grid options are chosen). 

For information and to check out what else Park Homes have on offer visit their website at