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Good afternoon Zane.
Thanks so much for your message via our website and welcome to our innovative world of Tiny Houses.
As a starting point, if you haven’t already done so for more information, visit our website and/or take a journey through our listings on Trademe for our portable mobilised homes under the domain name of ColinW or the categories of Tiny House, Tiny Home or Eco Cottages.
Both sources will provide you with more photos, concept plans and pricing details.
Even better, visit our show homes and factory here in sleepy little Sefton, North Canterbury, where we can share with you our latest product developments, different ensuite and configuration options, including the self contained Eco Pod or Eco Room which can be added to the Eco Cottage to extend your living space or bedroom provisions in so many cost effective and attractive ways.
And wait until you see the latest invention, our 16m2 Eco Glass House, your next holiday home!
Aside from these cottages being most attractive to the eye, the key factors for our clients is their warmth, insulation and a strong steel framed structure around a 75mm in-wall EPS insulated panel. It is the gable and pyramid roof with its spacious open ceiling, together with a generous 3.1m width, that sets these apart from the outdated & out functioned flat pitch roof Tiny Houses, only 2.4m wide and often seen with dangerous mezzanine floors with claustrophobic crawl spaces.
As a 21st century design, the Eco Cottage and its barn mates the Eco Pod and Eco Glass House, are aptly named “Tiny Houses with a big heart”.
Water tightness and excellent wind deflection from a 19 degree pitch roof are equally important, as is the heavily engineered trailer chassis where the triple axles and 6 tiny radial tyres of the Eco Cottage, combined with a dual ended telescopic tow-bar, provides many legal, practical and flexible advantages, now and in the future.
Eco Cottages is all about offering extremely good value for money at up to half the cost of a traditional Tiny House build, achieving a top end, more liveable product, at an affordable price.
If visiting, we are open most work days by appointment only, Saturday mornings included. Our address is 517 Rangiora-Leithfield Road, Sefton, 2km north of the village garage.
Just give us a call or text anytime if visiting Zane, or if you require more information by email.
Have a great day.
Kind Regards.
Colin Wightman.Eco Cottages NZPh: 0276636401
* Please note that we can arrange transport NZ wide at reasonable cost. We can also direct you on septic, water and electrical/gas options, especially for those wishing to go off-grid.
* Starting with our Model 3 one bedroom Eco Cottage, lets say including all new top end appliances, frost free Rinnai HW califont and preferred upgrades of double glazing, aluminium guttering & downpipes, underfloor insulation etc, these usually cost out at around $66k starting from a base price of $57k.
* For those wanting more living space, or 2 bedrooms, as a more economic option we then introduce the combination of an Eco Cottage [26.4m2] and Eco Room [10m2] which we connect with a weather sealed air-bridge of 3.1m2 to give you nearly 40m2 at around $92k including most upgrades, a most attractive unit.
* In short, the modular concept gives way to so many living space options, easily transportable, and within such a tight budget.
* For the more adventurous, the H-shape or U-shape is a clever combination of 2 Eco Cottages and a bright, light interconnecting Eco Room which brought together as a 2,3 or 4 bedroom living unit of nearly 70m2, it costs out at around $142k.
* Or our favourite, the T-bone, which is a sun haven 2 bedroom unit combining 2 Eco Cottages with such a practical functional outcome at just $122k. Even more cost effective, while ticking most boxes, our latest design, a shortened & funky version of the T-bone, comes in at just $98k .. hot off the press!!
* Or, downsize to the unique Eco Pod, a very smart self contained accommodation unit with a mini ensuite and fabulous mini kitchen starting at just $29k, 10m2, 3.15m x 3.15m square, again, with a high & spacious pyramid ceiling. Without services or fit-out other than power & lighting [a sleep out] $19k is the price with further upgrades and additions possible.
* Evolution has been part of the rapid Eco Cottage success where we sometimes struggle to keep up with summer time orders, but that hasn’t stopped us from introducing other exciting design options.
* For example, wait until you see our more recent invention, the 16m2 Eco Glass House, costing in at around $50k.
* Please see below our current price list. As with any building project, the costing will depend on the fit-out and final specifications.