29 Ramahana Rd

Fernandes Architects




A beautiful little house and studio constructed with a mid-thirties couple and a restricted budget in mind.  The outside is lively and conforms to the surrounding terrain, and the soft plywood interior is warm and full of light. It considers the landscape as the buildings mold to the ground and it captures the views of the suburbs and hills with its broad set of windows and deck.

The 45m2 building is a simple yet crafted object. It is a tall box with sunny north facing floor to ceiling windows and a mezzanine floor perched in the middle where you can relax and take in the views as you float above the ground. In conjunction with the net hanging across half the mezzanine, the large windows allow natural light to penetrate into every nook of this house. The bedroom is situated on the mezzanine with an open plan kitchen-dining-living area below and the bathroom is tucked away to the rear of the house. Outside is a deck for BBQs and chilling in the sun.

While we are focusing on the 45m2 building, a workshop has been built at the other end of the site with a fold-out bed for when friends come to visit and in between the workshop and our 45m2 building is intended a 73m2 house. The larger house is designed to compliment its taller friend and studio by using the same design language, and it will also act as a bridge between them. 

Low Cost

The buildings at 29 Ramahana road are good example of incremental building which is a much more financially viable option for most people. The main thing however that's keeping costs down here is the small size of the building, it's simple shape, and it's simple material pallet. Corrugated iron and plywood are the standout materials here with a bit of cedar cladding. The building was built with professional labour with the exception of some of the kitchen which had some lovely friends helping out which also gave it some spunk.

ABOUT THE Architect

The architect, Fabricio Fernandes, originates from Brazil and has relocated to New Zealand. He is energetic and passionate about smart design. His designs are well thought out, and his arrangements of space and choice of materials show that.


Check out more of his projects at fernandesarchitects.com and give him a buzz of your interested in having him involved on your project.